BEJEWELLED Type Game WIP (Multiple Passes Working)



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    @kinzua Cheers for your comment. I'm working on a method to prevent matches at the start, and I'm also thinking of adding more jewels to lower the chaining. However I do like a little bit of chaining while jewels fall since it adds more action to the game. I'm going to test 7 & 8 jewels and decide between the two. Also, with more gems, the chances the board might have no matches also increases, so I may have to add a shuffle rule, however I'm trying to reduce the logic as much as possible so things run fluently.

    Thanks once again!
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    After watching latest video I have no words its out of the world. I wish I can do something for your efforts and talent. GS should encourage this type of programmers.

    @SSS whats your comment after watching this latest bejeweled video?

    In my opinion give this man gs pro membership.
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    Hey guys,

    I am currently working on score chaining, start menu and timer. Once I have these finished I will be cleaning it up and I would be done with v1.0! While I'm doing this I was wondering if I could get your input, if you like the digital vocals, what other ones would you the moment I have the following,

    Epic, Excellent, Awesome, Magnificent

    What particles do you think I should use for the various super gems?

    Post your thoughts :)
  • Wow! Only just seen this, looks really neat. What are you planning on doing with this on completion? Also have you got Skype, I have a few things I would like to discuss :)
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    Hello friend amazing template! I can not wait to buy it, and I've been thinking the game needs a "hint" button for moving the random gems. regards
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    Looks great so far! Can't wait for this template! Like the voices in there. :)
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    Thanks for all the great comments guys!!!

    I've been away working on numerous projects so haven't had much time on this, here is a little update, I have included level logic, a table was created with score values, which represent the score that the user must achieve to clear that round. Once cleared the jewels move up and are refreshed to present a new arrangement to the user in the following round!

    I was also playing around with some music production and created a theme track, which I may develop upon!

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    Looking great!!!

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    Looks awesome man and thanks for sharing. Please keep us updated.
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    Nice, more high paced then the bejeweled I am aware of but thats a plus.
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    Only just seen this and after watching the first video I was amazed but now I am beyond that. Great to see that this type of game can be created with GS. Good job and keep up the good work. :)
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    Coming along tremendously well - Best of luck on finishing!
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    What else can i say but good things. IF this is going to be a template i will definitely get it. This is very amazing stuff. How could you get that kind of logic going. i cannot even find a way to do connect 4 lolz..
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    Looking great!
  • DeadlySeriousMediaDeadlySeriousMedia ArizonaMember Posts: 838
    How's this project coming along?
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    this would be great for the game im planning. would love for this game template to be done!
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    Great Scott!!! Very well done. Try slowly spinning the jewels instead of using particle effects. ;)
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    I'm working on a Bejeweled game but not having much luck due to GTA5 and Netflix so would be interested in the finished template.
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    Looks like this topic is a year or so old, wonder what the progress is now, looked good.
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    Awesome work @EIGHTSIN

    How's it coming along?

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    Sorry @EIGHTHSIN should really learn to spell @EIGHTHSIN lol

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    Hey Guys!

    Sorry its been a while, I had to go back to drawing board on this one! I've been working on a major update, since there were issues with memory building up to the point at which the game would crash, the only way around that was to simplify the game further and reset the scene, which would dump the data, so I had to come up with a solution that allowed rapid scene resetting and I have now achieved just that!

    I've also added score chaining when matches are made as jewels fall into place!!!

    Features To Date -

    - Match Horizontally/Vertically/Diagonally
    - Match 3 Destroys Respective Gems
    - Match 4+ Destroys All Gems in Respective Direction
    - Gems Move Back If Theres No Match
    - Rounds Of Increasing Difficulty - Player Must Fill The Bar To Advance
    - Drop Sounds
    - No Gem Spawning During Game Play
    - Score Chaining As Gems Fall Into Place
    - Star Super Gem - Destroys All Like Gems On Scene
    - Bomb Super Gem - Destroys Surrounding Gems
    - iPhone Legacy Supported (56-60fps on iPhone 4)

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    Great stuff! Can't wait to see the end result

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    This is awesome. And a plus for the flat design. I really love it.
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    Hey Guys,

    I've added a simple menu system and 3 Game Modes!!!

    - 60s
    - Timed
    - Free Play

    I've also added a 2x multiplier gem, that if collected doubles all scores for 10s!!!

    I wanted to add custom score font, however there is just too much data, so to keep things running smooth I used Helvetica, which doesn't look too bad considering the art is flat!

    Since the menu system is so light weight, I doubled it up as the pause scene, which worked well.

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    Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate the feedback!

    I have now added some playful sounds to the game, just going to do some thorough testing and I should be done! The project has just totalled a size of 693kb!!! :D

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