Choppy Camera swipe in Vertical Layout but not in horizontal

fishZombiefishZombie Member, PRO Posts: 46
edited August 2012 in Tech Support
I have a tall scene, with 2 actors.
The Dragger attaches to your mouse, and moves in the same direction as you swipe, and then decelerates after press is released. It looks at Screen space.
The CameraDummy moves in the opposite direction as the Dragger (*6) and then also decelerates after press is released.
When done without a background, it looks nice and smooth. I am swiping the background around, slow and fast.
When I add a background, I see it's VERY choppy during the deceleration. It shows up a LOT more when I test it on my iPad.
Any help would be nice.
This is a game stopper for me. I can not release a game with a choppy camera, and I have checked everywhere I could, as well as downloading other people's templates, and nothing seems to fix this choppy playback. I had this same code in a Horizontal layout game with no issues.
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