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Hi guys,
Has anyone ever gotten a gray line on top of an image?
It doesn't happen for all my images, just for my logos (yes I'm making a localized Logos Quiz game).
They're non-transparent .png images, original sizes range from 128x128 to as big as 512x512 but for the thumbnail view the actors are set to 64x64.
I'm just playing around with this game so I can familiarize myself with tables, but this thing really distracts me.
I can't try it out on my phone right now because I'm currently using the new version of Windows Creator and left my Mac back at my house. Thanks @SaladStraightShooter loving the update! Although with the last version I had zero luck transferring my Windows GS projects to my Mac GS, I hope things will be seamless now thanks to the new update :D

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