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Status Update: 0.11.0 Mac Creator Release



  • RacetotheMoonRacetotheMoon Posts: 323Member
    edited November 2012
    This attitude is absolutely surreal, especially when it comes to publishing options and features that become broken for months on end, and I can't believe it's supported by the company itself..

    I'm sorry but when Apple is slow to report sales results for the day they quickly put up a note saying that they apologize for the delay, that they are aware of the problem, and that things will be fixed soon. They also put out Beta releases for wide consumption so as to get as many voices on a build before making it official - again, a method I had hoped GS would have wisely adopted long ago. Apple makes an emphatic effort to make sure they are not delivering broken software to their end users.

    Sadly, that rarely, if ever happens, here.. Mac publishing was broken for months, with little to no recognition from the company until a myriad of users exclaimed in unison due to their apps being rejected. That was honestly one of the most embarrassing situations I've ever seen for any company seeing how Apple gave Six Months notice of the requirement, and then even delayed the change for an additional two months.

    Same thing happened to the Android this year, and for a variety of reasons, but because not as many people target that platform it went uncared about for months. There's still massive performance issues as well.. it's simply not a viable platform for this engine.

    I'm sorry, but when you list something as a sales bullet point on your front page then are unwilling to actively support, or provide timely fixes, there's a problem..

    GameSalad is indeed a business, and while it's not their job to hold anyone's hand, it is their job to fix their product when there's an issue with it - preferably in a timely manner and preferably with proper communication.

    Sadly, again, that's rarely, if ever, been the case.. instead we get sporadic updates and then told to be happy with what we have, because there's no way the company's methodologies are going to change. As far as I'm concerned, especially since GS operates on a subscription model, each year I use the product they are working to earn my business for the following calendar year. As it stands currently there's no way I can justify re-upping my Pro account, and I have a sinking suspicion a lot of other members feel the same way. Sure, there's always going to be those people who are pleased as punch just to be around and doing something they love, but if GS ever wants to be a player in the game engine market, and wants be taken seriously by actual developers, then the way they handle their business HAS to change.

    Hopefully this latest build will solve a lot of issues.. but for the three months it has been in development I'm utterly disappointed by what's actually in it. GS has simply spread itself too thin, and is chasing way too many dragons instead of focusing their limited resources on making one platform the best it can be.

  • SaladStraightShooterSaladStraightShooter Austin, TxPosts: 3,081Member, Chef Emeritus
    edited November 2012
    @Racetothemoon - thanks for your feedback, as usual. I won't speak to your individual points, as many of them are conjecture (Android, for example, has almost as many play sessions and publishes as iOS). I'm also a bit unclear of what this "Supported attitude" is you're referring to. Needless to say I don't entirely agree.

    As great as it would be, GameSalad will never please everyone. We will do our best to deliver a quality product, and improve the process.

    Why do you keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Cee3pee0Cee3pee0 Posts: 194Member, PRO
    Love GS! Thanks for all that you do. keep up the great work! Looking forward to the new build!
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