Forum Login Persistence

TesseractEngineTesseractEngine Member Posts: 180
edited October 2012 in Tech Support
Hi GS!

I can't remember exactly when this started - certainly before the recent Forum login issues - but for some while now, across browsers and OSes, the Forum login repeatedly drops out.

It happens almost immediately when you first log in. You log in, look at a post, return to the index, and you're no longer signed in.

You log back in, and it works for a while...but then (sometimes most frustratingly while you're typing a post) suddenly you are not signed in again.

Obviously, this is still happening with 'Remember me' checked.

Is this something that can be looked into? I've given up on a lot of posts lately, because suddenly I "don't have permission to do that". Obviously I can work round this - copy it, re-sign in, paste it - but it discourages me (and I know I'm not the only user affected) from participating.


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