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fail to generate apk and where to Verify the Keytool, Jarsigner, and Zipalign locations

hk9000hk9000 Posts: 11Member, PRO
edited October 2012 in Tech Support
Hi! I am a pro member using Mac Creator 0.10.00 , my mac is 10.8, using chrome. follow the cookbook instruction ( success to install and update sdk and create keystore but can not find where should I preform the Verification process:

the cookbook mention:
Once you’ve created a Keystore, follow the directions above in Creator.
Verify the Keytool, Jarsigner, and Zipalign locations are all valid
Select “Done” to return to the Platform page
Select “Next” to progress to the Video page

However, I can not find a place or button to verify Keytool, Jarsigner, and Zipalign

When I generate apk it fail and tell me:
Something went wrong configuring your app. Please check your configuration and try again. If the problem persists contact us and reference publish request [b4803d0f-8243-4b64-8918-a7f8c700e3f7].

What should I do?

Many Thanks!!



  • nrconceptsnrconcepts Posts: 36PRO

    Did you already install android sdk to your computer?

    Have a look at this tutorial, it takes you through the steps of configuring your key tool, and android verification.

  • hk9000hk9000 Posts: 11Member, PRO
    Hi! nrconcepts,

    I already install android sdk to my computer and watch the video. It help me a lot! However, from 2:08 it is difference, the problem is after I upload and generate apk the problem came. I can't find 2:32 steps of configuring your key tool and the android verification step!

    Thanks anyway!!
  • nrconceptsnrconcepts Posts: 36PRO
    If you are using the latest version of Game salad the publishing process is slightly different. You need to go to the game you have uploaded in your portfolio when you are logged into game salad. (via the website).

    Then choose android in the platform section on the left.

    Once you have selected android at the top you have the option to sign the apk file. If you click that that is where you need to enter your keystore.

    Let me know if you have any issues creating your keystone, as it is a slightly frustrating process. :)

    We decided to publish our first game to android and test out a few things before going for iOs. If you want to have a look at the result, this is the link to our game in google play:

    (I managed to spent 4 hours trying to get the keystore to work properly, it turned out it had not read a space properly and wasn't reading the last numbers in the code)
  • hk9000hk9000 Posts: 11Member, PRO
    edited October 2012
    I received the GameSalad Customer Support Email.

    Their answer is "The code provided indicates that the image you are using for the default loading image is not a valid .PNG file. We see this error commonly with files that originated as .JPG files for example and were renamed to .PNG."

    So I replace that image and attempt to generate the project once again.

    After I generate APK it show "Congratulations. Your app is ready! You asked us to build it on Oct 13 at 14:43 UTC. To start the app the signing process click here" , so I click It lunch GS and app download complete. I click next and App signing setting show this time.
    I choose my keystore and type password.and signing app.... after that it show the massage "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.gendaigames.GameSalad error 3.)"

    What's that mean? and how to solve it?


    Best Regards,

  • nrconceptsnrconcepts Posts: 36PRO
    There is a massive 7 page thread on the error 3 issues. Just check that out! Hope that helps you!
  • TomasAceytunoTomasAceytuno Posts: 10Member
    Try to change the SO language to English when generate and sign the keystore. For example in my Spanish SO don´t work, but if i change to English work fine.
  • hk9000hk9000 Posts: 11Member, PRO
    Hi Thanks for all your help!

    for nrconcepts -

    I read the link you give me, it ready lot of infomation. Should I put my question in new one. Since there may have lot of user face the "Error 3" problem in andorid and not only publish mac app.

    The same envirnoment (GS 00.10.00 Mac OS 10.8) I can publish the same app to apple iphone, however the "error 3" happen in andorid signing. That's why I think it the code issue
    "sudo ln -s /Applications/ /usr/bin"
    should not apply in my case.

    for TomasAceytuno -

    I already to change the SO language to British (ther no english to choose) and generate and sign the keystore. since, I can't create my keystore when I in other language. After I know the language issue, I redownload Android SDK mac version (, upzip , chage the previous folder to "sdk1" (since I do the download and unzip before I change language to british) recreate the "sdk" folder and andorid update again. I try to publish as new and exisiting game option. The result is same "error 3"

    for Gamesalad -
    Thanks for your quick respond. I know you guy work hard to fix our problem. However as a pro member and we face our client and their timeline. the "Error 3" issue really case so much trouble. Best Regards!
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