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    Ah, Thanks for the info - I was confused as these issues affected me on safari just about 4 weeks ago, It used to be the opposite yes?, As a permanent "Logged in state" never worked for me before on safari,
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    @LeonardDeveloper - Safari seems to be the exception in this case. That's what I use and I've not been logged out in recent memory. However, as I understand it, Firefox and Chrome don't stay logged in very well.
    That is good to know. I used to use Firefox until I finally became so frustrated with it that I changed to Safari. I noticed the forums started working smoother after that. Also, I haven't experienced a single login problem. I have no idea what anyone is talking about. Maybe the GS website people could use my account as a point of comparison?
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    Thanks @SaladStraightShooter! Didnt mean to digress from the roadmap which again, sounds very promising :)
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    @RUPAS - please stop duplicate posting the same feedback. There isn't much I can say to address your particular criticisms at this time.

    ...I've deleted your second duplicate post. It's the same as the first. Please don't do so again.
    I really look forward to seeing the updates and we are working on our next couple of tittles, to be honest we have gotten GS addicted over the last 3 months!

    Nevertheless I think most of us share some concerns over the Playhaven situation regarding updating reporting and regarding android integration. I think what Rupas was trying to express is our concern regarding the urgency of having the monetising aspect of GS looked at before any other technical issues that are also important.

    Nevertheless, really look forward to the new updates and are very excited to keep working with GS for our next projects.

    Regarding some previous posts in this thread concerning the pricing structure and value for money I think GS still wins easily. If you check out the competition you will see that GS has more options regarding monetisaion (play haven, iAds, in app purchase), supports more platforms and has a much bigger community supporting the product with templates, artwork, tutorials, etc. etc.
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    There are so many great things listed here that I had to stand up and do a victory dance. :) Thanks GameSalad! Keep rocking!
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    Just seen this! (I've been playing the new XCOM. Forgive me, for it is EPIC :D)

    Anyway, there's a new Air Supply game that wants a date with Native Engine Beta Testing.

    Let's make it happen ;)

    QS :D

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    Great news guys! I cannot wait to see optimization for iPhone 5 implemented in the future. Go Gamesalad!
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    Love seeing this, thanks guys!
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    what about the upcoming nexus 10? is the 2560x1600 resolution supported yet?
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    @Quantumsheep - I loved the new Xcom. I am so happy there is someone else out there that appreciates how well they handled the remake. O_O
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    I'm waiting on the multiplayer :)
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    does android IAP support means for amazon/nook as well? if it's the google play store you might want to reconsider or ask the customers what they really want. i don't think much of what anyone published has any success on android except a few.
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    @ultima - I would assume the IAP would be inclusive of those platforms, but I do not have solid confirmation. However, we have several high play, high volume users who publish almost exclusively to Android - it's a much larger market than you might think. :)

    I agree with SaladStraightShooter. We always treat the Android market as a complete whole, not segmented into each market (i.e. - Google Play, Amazon, Nook, Nabi, etc.). Our android apps easily make up for 1/2 of our income base, with ios taking up the other 50%.

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    ipad mini support checked.. woohoo 1 less item on the roadmap. haha. i suppose no additional work is needed for developers since everything is the same resolution, go apple & GS!
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    @wpaten you mentioned nabi, is there a specific store for that?
  • wpatenwpaten Member, PRO Posts: 281
    @wpaten you mentioned nabi, is there a specific store for that?
  • ultimaultima Member, PRO Posts: 1,207
    nice, any other stores i could have missed that anyone's had good results with?
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    What about polygon collision?
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    edit: by the time I posted this the thread went ahead one page lol :)

    My 2 cents

    I came to GS because of the free model, I have a gamemaker studio license for windows and html5 but I do not like, that for every new platform I have to pay extra dollar. If I need to publish on ios, I have to shell out on Mac cloud services, apple license and then another 200$ on game maker ios license.

    I am in India and $200 for me is 10000 INR.

    GS 250$ maybe is a lot but is still acceptable if it allows all the other platform publishing and the playheaven and iads etc

    For the new version, maybe without Lua it loads faster but if we can optimize and use tables, loading is not a major problem even now. I am testing on Ipad 2 and its working great and my graphics are HD and very heavy.

    I am currently playing games on ipad which takes similar time to load just as in current GS.

    Moreover why are you working on a game for over a year only waiting GS to launch a new version?

    Complete now, launch now, make some money and then maybe upgrade to PRO.
    If your game clicks and have the money, you can always get help and shift to the Lua free later.

    According to me GS free and pro schemes are great. If I compare the support between Gamemaker and GS communities, its even when it comes to help from forums.

    GS has better video tutorials than game maker.

    and the free part is very encouraging especially for someone who is trying to make his first ios game and have struggled for a decade with game designing as I am not a coder.

    As of now I can test my game within a month after starting work with GS on Ipad and it feels great.

    I am completely against the 99$ for each platform model.

    If the new engine is not for free, no problem, I am still happy with what I have now the free version, RATHER than what I want GS to be in the future.

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    All of this sounds good to me!
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    Gamesalad will sink as all the other companies when they get to BIG. If lua will be only-pro i will leave gamesalad forever.
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    @gameARN Leave then, less negative attitude on the forums for everyone to be annoyed with.
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    Hi, just to clarify, and forgive me if I missed it, but is there going to be facebook integration?


    Sydney Swans 2014!!

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    All these new features sound really cool. Very curious to know what these other unknown features are, like project mint ect.

    Really glad GameSalad updated their roadmap it's easier to plan a head. :)

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    @SaladStraightShooter Sorry if I missed this already, but is there any date for the next update. Also, will this update allow our customers to play our apps on both iPhone 5 and 4s/4/etc?
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    I can't wait :-O
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    @uptimistik WOO!!!
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    @SaladStraightShooter, will the new engine allow support of larger numbers, like without converting and displaying scientific notation? Sorry if this has ever been mentioned elsewhere.
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    Gamesalad will sink as all the other companies when they get to BIG. If lua will be only-pro i will leave gamesalad forever.
    Why would you give up something free? You aren't Pro so GameSalad wouldn't be taking a loss if you left. Also, you said big companies sink when they get to big. Does Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Adobe, Google, or Microsoft ring a bell? The bigger GameSalad gets, the more developers they will have. And that means faster updates. I think that if GameSalad became larger, it would be beneficial to their users overall.
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    I can't wait for all those changes to take effect! I wish it was all coming out tomorrow!
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