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The one thing I can't seem to find under my profile settings is the status of my Pro membership. Since I paid for Pro, it seems like it should say that somewhere, and also when my membership expires, since I don't want it to lapse. Can this be added to our Profile page, or is there another way to find this out?

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    It was an 8 month extension.

    This is something that was brought up many times and should really be implemented since it isn't always as simple as seeing when you first paid for the membership.

    For instance, I paid for a Pro Membership, then there was a major bug (this was about 1.5 to 2 years ago if I remember correctly) and the entire Pro community was given a 2 month extension. Then there was the reduction in price for Pro and an 8 month extension was given to Pro Users who paid the higher price and were still active as a Pro. THEN I won a 12 month Pro Subscription from an art contest held on these forums.

    From the best I could figure, I should be set until January of 2014 as a Pro Member, but there have been so many add ons behind the scenes that it's not easy to say whether or not things are as they seem. I really wish it was as easy as opening up creator and seeing the expiration date of my subscription. Obviously they have the data somewhere, and it must be automated. Why not implement that into creator or into the forum so we can get a sense of how much time we have and whether or not we need to start saving for a new subscription?


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    Hey man,

    When did you pay for pro? That will tell you the day it expires. You just need to write that down somewhere to remember it. I agree, It would be nice to have that information on your profile page as well. I'll tag @SaladStraightShooter in this too so he can answer if its possible to have or not.
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    From what I remember, I paid for it last October, but I remember when they reduced the price of Pro, all Pro members at the time had a free six month extension. Just want to make sure that is still the case and that my membership doesn't expire this month.
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    If that's what they said last October I have no doubt they'll stand by there word and extend it for you. If your worried about it, just shoot support an email and ask.
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    Have you contacted GS support? I'm pretty sure they can give you the date you expire.
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