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Weird bugs, camera, preview. Can't select anything.. (Retina mac)

nicmarnicmar Posts: 7Member
edited October 2012 in Tech Support
I just had a really bad experience with gamesalad on windows, so I decided to check it out on my Mac instead. Unfortunately it didn't go so well either. After writing this post, I realized that it's probably due to that I have a Macbook retina. Well, here's the bug report:

I used iPad landscape as my playform. I created some actors, and dragged them onto the scene. The scene looked weird, and small. And some parts of it is cropped away. When I scroll with the mouse pad, I can see it, but 75% of the screen is just gray.. Very weird.

And I can't select or drag the actors after I placed them. They're just stuck. When I click a little bit away from one of the actors, I get to drag something that affects one of my actors. Maybe it's the camera. I'm not sure.

Also I clicked the camera icon in the top left, and see a yellow/gray overlay. As I'm new to gamesalad I'm not sure how this works, but I tried to drag the left handle. When I do, it just resizes the box in a weird way. I can drag the other three handles fine.

Very weird.

I made a screencast with some free online tool, so you can see what I mean:

How can so many people make so amazing games in gamesalad, and I can't even get the basics working.
Oh wait. Now I know what's going on. I have the MacBook Retina. It's probably related to that.
It's too bad, cause the entire app looks like it should, but it's probably something with the double pixel density.

Oh well, no more gamesalad for me tonight :P



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