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Is there an issue with Mac retina screens?

VichamaVichama Posts: 5Member
edited October 2012 in Tech Support
Hi, I was watching a tutorial on how to make a game and they made their background larger than the screen size they were using and said do X,Y,Z etc...but on the screen it showed the length of their screen. On my mac this doesn't happen, I can only se the edges of the platform that I am working on (iPad landscape) there doesn't seem any way to zoom out or look at other bits higher than the screen or to the right or left. I want to make a game that goes upwards so I need to put platforms etc higher than the screen in order for the player and camera to go up....but I can't seem to see or get to anyhting out of the ipad screen size?

I wondered if there was something that I was missing some sort of control or whether this was an issue with the mac retina as I had to set it do a downgrade mode in order to stop another glitch from happening where the ipad screen would go really small and I could see what I was working on.



  • VichamaVichama Posts: 5Member
    Sorry noticed some poor grammar in there, you'll have to excuse my fast typing fumble fingers.
  • SleemSleem Posts: 3Member
    I have the latest gamesalad version as well as im working on macbro ritena display, i have some hard time with the scene view (i mean while in working inside gamesalad it self) its like showing the stage at the bottom left corner and the rest of the screen is like just grey :(( and to select an object on the stage i need to click blindly on that grey area in different places till i catch it :( i dunno if this is like new feature or its a BUG :( please help me
  • SleemSleem Posts: 3Member
    1-Right Click on Gamesalad icon, select get info
    2-tick box for "run in low resolution"

    this is happening because the latest version is not compatible with the Rietna Display :)
  • VichamaVichama Posts: 5Member
    Indeed, that solves the issue of the display of the screen however even in low resolution mode there are issues as described above....I can now see the whole of my screen which is good but cab not make the scene any larger than just the ipad screen.

    I don't want the game to be limited to that size screen....I'd like to be able to go upward and upward. However I don't want it to be random or a wrapping background...I'd like to plan where the platforms are and what is going to be on them.

    Also the with the "camera" I can't shrink it so it only sees a portion of the is always full screen. I can change the size of the gate but not the visible the follow camera function is pointless as the camera never moves as it can see the whole screen.

    Not sure if it is something that I am doing wrong or whether it is just an issue with running it in low res mode?
  • VichamaVichama Posts: 5Member
    I have in part solved this, for anyone new to gamesalad like me there are some areas that you can change to do this.

    In the inspector you have two tabs, Game and Scene. Under the scene tab you can change certain things about the scene you are working on. You can change the size of the screen and the size of the camera.

    Even with the camera control attached to my player I am still un able to get it to follow the player. But I can not push upwards or side ways further than the initial screen size.

    You can then stretch or tile your back ground accordingly and you can plan where things are going to be rather than using a random function.

    Hope this helps any one that wasn't aware of this function. Now on to solve the issue of the camera not following the actor.
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