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Pro membership

hybridhybrid Posts: 183Member, PRO

the friday i purchase the pro membership, i make the payment through paypal. i receive the confirmation of the payment from paypal. but from gamesalad i dont receive any email or any notification. i have read some post and i notice that the activation of the pro take some days, but i should receive a notification email? or they dont email anything and this is the normal process.

thanks in advance!


  • creativeappscreativeapps Posts: 1,770Member
    Logout from gamesalad creator and Login in again and goto About Gamesalad. Left top corner under the GameSalad. If it says License: Pro instead of Free that means you are Pro user.
  • MeaningfulGamesMeaningfulGames Posts: 171Member, PRO
    edited November 2012
    They should have a verification e-mail come in + receipt. Even so, you should check whether you have PRO by going into GS, LOGGING IN and checking if you have the pro behaviours and features.
  • hybridhybrid Posts: 183Member, PRO
    Hi , thanks for your answers

    creativeapps: thanks, i do that and still say free
    Vincam: i still dont have that pro behaviours and i didnt get an email :S

    i know its weekend and maybe that the reason i still dont get the pro (at first i thought this goes automatic when purchase). but i dont receive even a confirmation email.

    should the best options is contact support?
  • stackpoolestackpoole Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaPosts: 473Member, PRO
    ^Yes, always the best option in time of trouble

    Sydney Swans 2014!!

  • hybridhybrid Posts: 183Member, PRO
    I contact support and they activate the pro membership today,
    thank you all for your answers!
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