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Cant run GameSalad on Windows 7

Hey i looked around the forums and couldnt find anything to do with fixing it. When i run Gamesalad it shows the usual windows 7 loading circle and then its gone. Nothing else. In task manager it shows its running but after a while dissapears. I get no error message nothing at all.
Windows 7 professional X64
i5 3.8ghz
8GB DDR3 Ram
Nvidia 550ti


  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporePosts: 988Member
    hmm. .10.0 version? running fine on mine. trying running it in administrator mode
  • flashbackjackflashbackjack Posts: 1Member
    im having the same problem windows 7
    tried the admin route
    same thing ... nothing

    bug report sent

    any help would be cool

    thanks FBJ
  • CodeMonsterCodeMonster ACT, AustraliaPosts: 1,078Member
    Mm I run windows 7 64bit 4gb ram on an accer 2010 computer.
    And gamesalad works fine for me?
    Maybe try gamesalad on a different windows 7 computer?
    Not sure how to help you here though. Sorry
  • Shadow_DevelopmentShadow_Development Rocklin, CA. United StatesPosts: 85Member
    Here are some very simple things to try:

    1: Restart your computer
    2: Run your anti-virus software for any broken shortcuts or Registry Errors.
    3: Report a possible bug to GameSalad.
    4: Un-install GameSalad, then re-install it.
    5: Contact GameSalad support if your issue is not resolved.

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