windows 7 64bt vs 0.10.0

i am testing the windows version so i downloaded some templates but when i push the play , the simulator rearrange all the scene in a strange way, on the edges of the simulator and nothing works properly.With other templates just crashes.
Any one with this problem has solved it?

Thank you


  • patrykadaspatrykadas Member Posts: 24

    I am glad to hear that I am not alone with my problem, It happens the same in my case.

    Any ideas?

  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
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    @pixelMetal You know maybe if you were not so disrespectful towards GameSalad they would make slightly more effort to accommodate your issues?

    As far as the Original Question I personally have only really used GameSalad for Windows on Windows 8 so I have never experienced your issue. I can suggest you need to make sure you installed all the extras the original instal asked for and I believe there is a known issue with a certain version Internet Explorer installed. I believe you need to install Internet Explorer 9.

    I don't know for sure as I have never experienced the issue myself but those are some areas that have solved peoples windows creator problems in the past.

    Hope it helps. As always be sure to send in an actual bug report to GameSalad via the link below. The QA/support guys don't have time to read the forums for every issue posted. they are busy finding and fixing the stuff that does get reported. :)

  • ChakkuChakku Member Posts: 1,513
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    You've probably already tried this...but try reinstalling it!
    That actually solves a lot of problems, sometimes! :)
    Oh, and if you have a Mac, I would recommend the Mac version over the Windows.

  • patrykadaspatrykadas Member Posts: 24
    Where can I download XNA Toolbox, that is obligatory? I am afraid it might be some problem while installation problem.

    I can find the XNA on Microsoft website.
  • dabsdabs Member Posts: 1
    I've got the same problem here. Submitted 5 different bug reports about the windows creator 0.10 on win7 64bit. Actors not viewable on scenes, creator crashing, Corruption of projects when not closing currently open projects before openeing a recent project and so on... The MAC version seems a lot more stable and has more features, why is the windows version not being updated at the same time?
  • PixelMetalPixelMetal Member Posts: 283
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    @dabs Windows GS is highly unstable and often barely usable due to interface, saving and project corruption bugs. My personal favorite GUI bug is not being able to resize the rules view unless you detach/float the window, which seems to occur based on which of two monitors the main GS window is located on. Monitor 1? Sure, resizes no problem. Monitor 2? Good luck getting it to work right. Too bad my workflow in every other program needs GS on monitor 2, otherwise I need to reposition every window in every other program, and then that would screw my actual money-making workflow.

    I see all of my previous comments have been removed from this thread. I guess GS is censoring posts now? Not the first time I noticed this, and in the recent past figured it was due to the buggy mobile forum not posting correctly, but all of my comments in this post are gone.

    Maybe someone is abusing their moderator power when anyone points out how buggy the Windows version is? Or maybe reality just interferes with the recent GS PR pushes?

  • PixelMetalPixelMetal Member Posts: 283
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    Two posts at least, in this thread, and one in the thread discussing the multiply graphics mode bug. If I'd been contacted by a mod for inappropriate content, that'd be a different story and, if I agreed the content was inappropriate, would happily (well, that's a lie - begrudgingly) have edited the issues out. I'd prefer to keep my kvetching about GS to the GS forums than spread it elsewhere.

    I'll remove my conjecture from my previous post, as it could simply be due to a mod being overzealous. Personally, I find tinfoil quite comfortable and it stops the government and/or aliens from reading my thoughts :).

    UPDATE: Er, I would remove it, but I'm unable to edit that post.
  • DarkpaxDarkpax Member Posts: 22
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    Same Problem on Windows First Save will work but After formatting my pc the Save does nt work how before
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