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Hi, in my game, I want that when an actor overlaps/collides with another actor, the scene is reset, and you lose one life. This works, but the timer does not? The timer goes back to my start time (15 seconds) but does not begin counting down again? please help!


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    @sarah.schippke Please do not make create multiple discussions for the same issue. Doing so repeatedly will result in a forum ban.


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    Hi Sarah, as @tatiang says....

    Some info for you: If your thread hasn't been answered and/or "gets lost" on another page, rather than duplicate the thread, simply find your thread, add a comment to it, saying "bump".

    This is the "traditional" way of bringing a thread back to the top of the forum so it can be noticed more easily and hopefully will get answered that time around. Careful though: bumping a thread too much can result in a warning, or even a ban. So try making at least a three hour gap (as these particular GS Forums are quite lively) or more – even 24 hours ideally – before bumping.

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