Incorrect object positon

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I have recently installed games salad creator 0.10 and i have strange problem related to objects positioning.
When I place simple actor (with default settings) in the center of scene and go to scene preview, it is seen in left down corner of preview area.
Editor view :
scene preview:

Do You have any idea what is happening ?

BTW I also have issues with dragging and dropping actors to scene. I have to do it twice, and only after second time actor is actually visible in the scene... but I end up with 2 instances, where first one is completely not usable.


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
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    Do you have a rule on your actor that tells it to position itself in the lower left hand corner ?

    Why is the actor an instance rather than a prototype ?

    Can we see the rules (if there are any) for the prototype.
  • Raf124Raf124 Member Posts: 2
    There are no rules created at all. As I've written, there are only default settings for new project.
    Actor placed on the screen is an instance because that is how game salad treats object dragged and dropped from library. As far as i understand prototype is in library and it is "class", object droped to the scene is an instance of this class.
  • patrykadaspatrykadas Member Posts: 24
    The same happens in my case in Windows7.
  • MagiKaLMagiKaL Member Posts: 1
    This is happening to me as well, I need to ensure that the position shown in the edition window is the same in the preview! Anybody knows why is this happening? I'm also using the Windows version on 2 different pc's and it doesn't work in any of 'em!
  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313
    this bug is only on windows... when there is a decimal after the position, size or something else it won't work like you want it. make sure you delete the decimals in the actor then it should work fine :)
    also the color doesn't work very good. you only can use (only) green blue and red... so not mixed.
    good luck!
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