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The GameSalad Game of the Month: November is...

SaladStraightShooterSaladStraightShooter Austin, TxPosts: 3,081Member, Chef Emeritus
edited December 2012 in Announce Your Game!
...Help Volty! by @Tvndra! - (Better late than never! Apologies for the delayed announcement, folks!)

Despite several amazing entries during November, Help Volty! took home the win with this well-polished puzzle game.

The innovation and creativity of GameSalad developers never ceases to amaze - and Help Volty! is a perfect example of why this remains the case. Combining beautifully rendered scenes and sinister atmosphere with a complex puzzle system that seems to give a nod to challenging titles like MYST, Help Volty! is a rewarding journey to save a Volty from destruction at the hands of masterful puzzles and traps. You may be able to save Volty - but only if you play the game!

We look forward to seeing more titles from team Tvndra!

GameSalad blog here: COMING SOON!

Download the game and play "Help Volty!" today:

Available on the App store:

Visit the site to learn more:

Why do you keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means.


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