Keyboard Input - Crashes when...

stevem109stevem109 Member Posts: 0
I'm enjoying working with GS (latest version 0.10.1). This morning I've been testing the Keyboard Input behavior in GameSalad... on Mac (MacBook running Lion 10.7.5)... It seems I can create a crash by following these steps... 1) Create a simple keyboard input project... just one actor for keyboard input... 2) Drag actor into scene... Create a rule and behavior for the Instance Actor... when touch is pressed, use keyboard input (with any available attribute... I used Game.Name or Game.Time)... 3)Preview... touch actor... it looks good at this point 4) Hit Done. 5) Go to the scene icon at the top, click on the one scene in the project.... when it opens, double click on the Instance Actor and look at the rule again, but don't change anything this time... just hit File>Save 7) Now Preview and press actor... at this point, for me at least, the program crashes.


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