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Looking for game art - Paid

DoomedtoFailStudioDoomedtoFailStudio Posts: 12Member
Hi everybody,

I have a top-down, 2D tank game. I am looking for art for my game. I'm really bad at drawing and all the rest, but Im pretty good with GameSalad. I haven't decided whether this is going to be a photorealistic game or cartoonish style, it will really depend on what you are better at creating. Something reminiscent of Feildrunners art/style is what I'm really wanting. I'm looking for quality, detailed artwork. What I'm looking for specifically is:

- Player tank (M1 Abrams style)
- Enemy tank (two different styles)
- Enemy humvee
Note* All the tanks and the humvee have to be two separate images. One image of the tank's body, and another of the tank's turret, this is because the turret needs to rotate separate from the body.
- Backgrounds (I'm hoping for three different styles; desert, grassy field, and snowy. Things like trees, walls, mountains, etc. more specifics will be discussed upon interest)
- An iphone icon, splash screen, and menu screen

All image sizes will be discussed upon interest, and images need to be PNG file format.

What I would need from you are prices for either all images, or per image, and a sample of game art you have done in the past, and/or a link to a game you have worked on. I'm looking for someone who can meet my needs in a timely and professional manner.

Thanks for your time!

Doomed to Fail Studios

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