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Publishing doesn't work???

DesiDesi Posts: 25Member

I tried to publish my app, but after a while I get this:

There is something wrong with our servers. Contact us and reference publish request [d70ce579-fefd-45dd-b93e-6cc47db3803c].

And more of these bug reports if I tried it again and again...

Have more people this problem?


  • kevin766123kevin766123 Posts: 1Member, PRO
    ME TOO
  • kevin766123kevin766123 Posts: 1Member, PRO
    Publishing doesn't work???
  • SaladStraightShooterSaladStraightShooter Austin, TxPosts: 3,081Member, Chef Emeritus
    edited February 2013
    While that code can be varied, it often has to do with your images. Contact support, please.

    Why do you keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means.

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