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cerealcereal Member Posts: 6
Hi folks, Ive been managing to hold off asking any questions on the forums so far but this is really bugging me. Whenever I preview my game more than about 5 times it tends to cause game salad to stop responding, also I think that over time game salad actually gets slower too. Its becoming a pain to have to restart the program all the time to avoid this problem. Is there a way to fix this? Might be a memory issue but i've 8gb of ram so that should be enough right?

Also does gamesalad perform better on a mac than a pc? (I have pc at the moment).


  • mrpacogpmrpacogp Member Posts: 400
    Maybe your project have some issue or alot of behaviors, because i have 4gb of ram and i have to restart gamesalad a few times only.
    Now i have 100 scenes, and takes about 20 seconds to open it.
    Imac 27" i5
  • cerealcereal Member Posts: 6
    well I've really only just started it, its got 1 scene with not many behaviors yet, hopefully it will be a lot bigger soon :) Starting to think Ill be needing a mac os ..
  • RUPASRUPAS Member Posts: 823
    definitely if it works better on a Mac.
  • cerealcereal Member Posts: 6
    actually I have some paralaxing (about 3 layers) so it could be the z-sorting. Tested out another game of mine and that doesn't crash at all. Guess ill just have to wear it.
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