Need somone to build a car ...

I need someone to build a car that mimics the car in "Hill Climb Racing" ...

Must have the following qualities ...

Car must be driven by the wheels (wheels spin, friction with ground pushes car forward/back)

Car must have front wheel and rear wheel drive that are independent of each other

Wheels must have independent suspension

Wheels should be driven by R/L arrow keys

Car must pivot in air with R/L arrow keys when in air (like when the car hits a jump you can pivot the car mid-air to line it up with the angle of the landing)

Friction, bounce, tension and rotational speed must be adjustable for all components of this car.

I can provide graphics for the car and wheels if you need it, or you can just build the car from blocks and I'll replace them with graphics later.

Please PM and let me know what this would cost me.


  • IcedBIcedB Member, PRO Posts: 384
    This is going to be very difficult because all the actors have either straight edges or are circular, so making a rolling hill is practically impossible and getting the car's mechanics to work with this will be tough. That's my two cents but I build platformers not driving games....
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