Flickboarder - Help with my Player's Physics Please

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Hi all,
I got Gamesalad a week ago, and it has kept me entertained all week, I'm loving it! I've dabbled in creating apps before but never made it this far this quick. However I've probably been a bit ambitious with my first GS game, its a flick/touch snowboarding game for the iPad and now I'm stuck. I have a background in painting and animation. - and have hardly any understanding of rules and expressions...

I would love some pointers on how to make my main character work a bit better. Or Better still if someone would like to take a look, I have the first level of the game in a folder on my google drive - PM me…
I'd be keen to partner up with someone who's more into the physics/code (anything thats not animation and graphics) side of things. - or I could do some artwork/animations in return.

A few areas where he (my main actor) becomes unstuck.

1) He's upside-down riding along on his head/stomach or Back, I want him to slow down and play a crash animation.. - I've tried a few crackpot ideas for rules - but no success..

2)I've tried to make a few rules to keep him on his snowboard - but when it comes to rotation rules i seem to struggle.

3) When he gets to the end of a level, I've made an actor/area where he could slow down to zero and play a level complete animation - fist pump or something. - maybe crack a beer ;) - But at the moment he sort of hits the area like a wall…

Shout out to TeeShirtBooth - thanks for all the videos!

- It took me a while to create a profile - somethings up with the create GS user/sign up thingy, but i got there in the end..

A few pics


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    Damnit posted this in the wrong place...
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    @Infektous -- where do you want it posted?
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    No worries...
    I figured out how to change it, Coding/Programming or Logic Services is probably where it should live...
    First time posting X_X
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    one question how did you do the curves on the slope
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    If you click like - I'll tell you ! Haha just kidding... I created one actor with the physics stats that I liked, to mimic snow... Then made a layer of maybe 40 of them.... Changed the visiblity to off after I had a course that worked...
    Also make a actor tag called "game path"
    And make sure your main character had a collide rule with actor tag "game path"
    Let me know if it works for you.. im more than happy to look at your gamesalad file and set it up as @manto1 has allready improved my game..
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