an object set up for drag & drop stops working correctly if screen/camera scrolls

AdventuregoatAdventuregoat Member Posts: 10
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I have created an object that can be clicked/touched and dragged/dropped around the screen. This works well...

But it all gets wonky if the screen scrolls. Then it's as if the objects center point changes or fails to change. I click it, and it leaps away from the touch point (dragging still works though).

For example: This is a platforming game of sorts, so the camera follows a character. I need to be able to place objects about the level, which can be dragged and dropped once discovered.

I'm guessing I need to modify the basic drag & drop set-up, but I'm not sure about what I need to tweak. Sorry if this has been covered I haven't found it.

Here is how the object is set up:

Thank you :)

Note: The "distance from" rule and constraint are to tell the object it is close enough to the character. If included or removed it has no impact on this problem.


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