(PAID) Need an experienced PRO programmer to turn Quiz template into complete game.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

For my first project, I have a legacy iphone quiz template that I bought that already includes in-app purchases and many features I need etc. created all on one scene.

I need to have this template refined and make it a “complete” game with extra functionalities and buttons. The original creator of the template is too busy to program for me but suggested that someone with experience on the gamesalad forum will be able to look at his template and figure out how to create the additional features and buttons rather easily. Therefore, I’m looking for a gamesalad pro user with experience working with tables, creating in-app purchases, twitter, iads and external links etc.

I would also like the finished product tested and assistance with setting up provisioning/itunes connect etc. at launch. I can provide most of the graphics/sound and any copy/text. I can also input all the “logos”, answers/hints etc. myself into the tables if manual work is required.

This work is paid of course. Please see below to provide a quote either fixed or based on estimated hours/rate. I will release payment to you via PayPal based on agreed upon project milestones. I have a number in mind that I was advised by template creator on what I should expect to reasonably compensate for this work, but I do not have an absolute set budget. I am seeking quality work by a helpful professional. Please feel free to bid and quote via pm or email wchau@upstar.ca with your credentials.

Many thanks for viewing my post.



Here is a summary detail of what I mainly need (very similar to existing logo quizzes out there):

1.The template already has non-consumable IAP to unlock various new quizzes. I would like to also have implemented a scoring system that will use consumable IAP. i.e. 100 coins and 100 points for correct answer, use coins to unlock hints or answer. IF not enough coins, then a box will pop up asking user to buy more coins.

2.Timed splash screen before it moves to main menu

3.Create main menu. Menu will have actor buttons for “Play – linked to current ‘extras’ menu” “Buy More Coins menu” “Options” and external link actor buttons to twitter page, facebook page more apps

4.Options menu and corresponding buttons (sound, reset entire game, restore IAP, Score, How to play)

5.Currently, each quiz page contains 20 logos, would like the other pages to be locked until the previous page is complete to simplify “level” creation.

6.Also would like the pages turned by swiping instead how currently has to click “next” or “back” button.

7.Create “Back” button to go back to previous menu and Buy More Coins button and display score/coins on top within gameplay pages.

8.Advise and/or modify current keyboard to ensure it is retina friendly as I think it uses gamesalad font etc. don’t want it to be blurry. Great if you have access to nice greyish keyboard or I can provide graphic if needed.

9.Ensure template is good for ios6 and iphone 5 and backwards compatible for iphone 4s etc. Ensure quiz is tested and bug free.

10.Advise and assist on where to set up product id within template for IAP. Double-check existing tweetsheet and iAds functionality and setup etc.

11.Advise and assist with itunes connect setup, setup provisioning and publishing to app store.

12.Lastly, be friendly and have patience, with attention to detail.


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