I need help about test game on iPhone

I do not want swearing, but I try 100 time, still fail to test game on iPhone . Even follow the toturial. Do u guys have new vision tutorial to teach me test game on iPhone? I very up site. I am in Sydney, need some person discussion


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    I was having the same problem as you.
    Luckily @adambowker98 provided the following assistance. All credit goes to him:

    1) Make a new App ID on the Apple Dev site and then make a new distribution provisioning profile with that ID. Remember what bundle identifier and version number you used.

    2) Download that provisioning profile on the computer you used to set up the Dev account.

    3) In GameSalad, hit "Publish." Once it finishes, your web browser should open to the GameSalad website. Sign in (if necessary) and then choose "Create New Game."

    4) On the left side, choose "iPhone." Then enter the info. Make sure you use the EXACT SAME bundle identifier and version number as you did in the Apple App ID. Also, be sure to upload an icon and loading screen.

    5) In the top right, click "Generate App." A notification will tell you that your app has been queued for generation. Wait about 10 minutes, and then:

    6) Refresh the page. A new notification will be there that says something along the lines of, "Congrats! Your app is ready. Click here to begin the signing process." Click where it says to click.

    7) It may ask what application to open with; just choose GameSalad. It will then download the app package.

    8) In the pop-up that pops up, choose the provisioning profile that you made earlier. Then hit the continue button.

    9) Another pop-up will probably ask you where to store the app package, and another one that asks if GameSalad can access your keys. Choose the location and agree.

    10) Now you get the Congrats! screen.

    11) Plug in your device and open XCode. In "Window" choose Organizer. Click your device from the list on the left and, if you've never done this before, choose to use the device for development.

    12) Go to the "Applications" tab under your device. Drag the .app file from the location you saved it to the Organizer window and wait a minute or two.

    13) The app should now appear under "Application" under your device.

    14) You're done! Unplug the device and play the game.
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    Thanks for the credit ;)
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