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travislkeatontravislkeaton Member Posts: 12
Hey guys I've been working with gamesalad for a few months now and I really enjoy how easy it is to use. I've recently run into a weird issue where the preview screen in the game editor doesn't expand to the full screen and only opens up in the left hand corner of my screen with the editor showing behind it. It has happened to me on 2 different laptops, however my desktop has no problems. I'm working on windows right now.


  • iCreationZiCreationZ Member Posts: 158
    I work on an Alienware PC, and I've never had this issue. It does flicker into that sort of style, with the previewer disproportionatly overlayed on top of the editor, before continuing to the previewer. All this takes place in a fraction of a second, but this can take longer depending upon project size.
  • travislkeatontravislkeaton Member Posts: 12
    Yea I was using my dad's laptop, which is nothing special and it was working and then all of a sudden I started having this issue. I have since bought my own laptop which is still windows 7, but for gaming. Anyways this problem seems to follow me to any laptop I am trying to use and it's driving me crazy. I don't know if it has something to do with the actual game file or the editor itself.
  • travislkeatontravislkeaton Member Posts: 12
    Can anyone with a laptop tell me if they are having any issues?
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