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GameSalad crashing after update to 0.10.2.beta/error viewing...

MarcoColMarcoCol Posts: 230Member
Since I update to the new version, I get a lot of crashings. Most they occur, when change the value for example of a timer.
I type in the value, then the window of GameSalat closes and I get a small window to send a report or reopen.
If I then open GameSalad with the last project again, it occurs again after change again the value of two or three timer.

Also in the new version, if I change parameters/behaviors of actors, push the back-arrow above in GameSalad, the view of GameSalad doesn't change. But I can't change there anything in the behaviors on the right side.
Hitting again the back-button shows me the overview of all scenes...


  • MarcoColMarcoCol Posts: 230Member
    I install now the version 0.10.1.beta and I didn't get there the problems.
    So it occur only in 0.10.2
  • MarcoColMarcoCol Posts: 230Member
    Sorry. Ok. Can you remove this thread?
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