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how do I upload a pack in the marketplace?

bosonebosone Posts: 56Member
I have a pack made of several audio clips.
In the CSV file, i should enter all the content of the pack in the appropriate field, but how do I separate the different items??

i have used the space but it didnt work:

alchemy1 alchemy2 alchemy3 alchemy4 ...

what should I do??


  • RexCarsalotRexCarsalot Posts: 96Member
    If I understand your question correctly, I believe what you are asking is how do you list ALL your products in the appropriate PACK column (can't remember the letter offhand.) It looks like you are trying to list the NAMES, no the SKU number. List the SKU number, separate only by a comma. If this doesn't help your question, consider posting an image and circling the columns/areas that are returning an error so someone can look over it.
  • bosonebosone Posts: 56Member
    thanks, i will try!
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