Timing Error

I am trying to have my actors move progressively down in rows in my level. But when the level starts - even though they are set to the same time they start to move differently. So the rows aren't continually straight as they move down. Does this make sense?

So sort of like this...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ - - _ -
- - _ - - _ _

Even though they have the same tag there is some sort of blip where some start to lag behind.
Any ideas?


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    (a) it makes sense
    (b) there is no way we can help you without seeing your rules

    It's kind of like saying "two skiers leave the chair lift at the same time and ski at the same speed but they make it to the lodge at different times. Why?" The answer could be that one falls down, or that they take different (length) runs or who knows what else... we need more info. ;)

    Make sure both actors are locked and therefore using prototype rules. Try deleting them from the scene and re-adding them and then checking again.

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