Dragging Actors Bunch Together

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My actors bunch together when I'd like them to be draggable by individual actor.

Here's the difference though. I have my actors spawning in at random from the top of the screen. The user is supposed to drag them to a specific location. I have the self drag tag applied to all the actors themselves. Will this method where I apply an integer for the Game.'leaf' work if I have many being spawned on the screen at the same time, and there are 8 of them?

I have 8 different actors which spawn in at random. All of these are under the same Spawn Actor.

Here is images of the rules.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1705616/Actor being spawned (1 out of 8).jpg
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1705616/rules for the spawn.jpg

Thanks in advance for any help!!!


  • DragonTeaDragonTea Member Posts: 11
    And sorry, also, if I do this 'leaf' method as above...

    In the leaf_1 actor touch is pressed change attribute game.leaf to 1

    If game.leaf=1 and self.drag is true......

    Where then is the self drag initiated?
    And do I place both tags within each actor?
  • DragonTeaDragonTea Member Posts: 11
    OH wait I may have just figured this out. To give each actor it's own self drag number.
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    :-bd :D

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