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Dragging Actors Bunch Together

Similar to this post:

My actors bunch together when I'd like them to be draggable by individual actor.

Here's the difference though. I have my actors spawning in at random from the top of the screen. The user is supposed to drag them to a specific location. I have the self drag tag applied to all the actors themselves. Will this method where I apply an integer for the Game.'leaf' work if I have many being spawned on the screen at the same time, and there are 8 of them?

I have 8 different actors which spawn in at random. All of these are under the same Spawn Actor.

Here is images of the rules. being spawned (1 out of 8).jpg for the spawn.jpg

Thanks in advance for any help!!!


  • DragonTeaDragonTea Posts: 11Member
    And sorry, also, if I do this 'leaf' method as above...

    In the leaf_1 actor touch is pressed change attribute game.leaf to 1

    If game.leaf=1 and self.drag is true......

    Where then is the self drag initiated?
    And do I place both tags within each actor?
  • DragonTeaDragonTea Posts: 11Member
    OH wait I may have just figured this out. To give each actor it's own self drag number.
  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO
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    :-bd :D

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