Major Bug Issues - PLEASE HELP!

RittenhouseRittenhouse Member Posts: 305
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There are some MAJOR new bugs going on that we really need to address.

1. Entered values are reverting instantly to their original values after clicking away or if the game is tested. This makes it impossible to change values or create expressions. This is the backbone of the software.

2 Actors are now not spawning at all.

3 Movement coordinates are no longer valid or recognized and objects simply move off the screen.

3b This is unconfirmed as it might just happen in the GameSalad Viewer, but even when autorotate is checked off, it still rotates the screen.

We have tested this on many different machines with different files and these bugs are consistent. It has made developing completely impossible and making GameSalad an unusable tool.

Please fix this stuff :( This has crippled our whole development process.


  • ChakkuChakku Member Posts: 1,513
    This is definitely not normal, and is not happening to me :/ :(

  • natzuurnatzuur Member Posts: 304
    I have seen number 1, def a bug. as for the movement you might consider changing the real attributes to integers for this as some floating point calculations are not reaching whole values to trigger logic. Plus you'll see a small performance gain from integers vs real. If you read through the 10.2 release thread there is some more info on this.
  • cBrookscBrooks Member, PRO Posts: 40
    This is definitely storage, these don't happen to me.
  • PBEmpirePBEmpire Member Posts: 676
    I can confirm number 1 as a bug. Happens all the time. I have a temporary solution which works for me- exit the actor and click on the actor again and then try again. It should work.
  • DigiChainDigiChain Member, PRO Posts: 1,216
    I can also confirm number 1 is happening to me. My solution is to close GS, and it seems to work ok on reopening.

    Also - as I posted elsewhere Load/Save Keys have caused me all sorts of problems and seem to Load random values at times!
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
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    Okay this is how you avoid the expression issue hit enter or return before you click the check to close the window. As I noticed this seems to happen when you're in the brackets and close the editor. When you hit enter you will see the cursor move to the end of the expression. As to rotate this was explained in another thread. With the new publishing system rotation is added to the build there so when in the viewer it gets orientation info. To avoid this lock the rotation on you device if it's that much of an issue for you. I've had to resort to rebuilding my 10.1 game in 10.2 because of the memory null issues that cause crashes. I haven't encountered any issues with movement.
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