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GameSalad Viewer - "Could not resolve device address"

RoksaltRoksalt Posts: 87Member
edited April 2013 in Tech Support
I have been having an issue with the GS Viewer for several weeks now... basically when I connect my iPad or iPhone to GS over WIFI it always shows up next to the preview button however on the device the indicator light never goes green.

I also often get the "GS creator not found on Network. Instructions etc" error.......however about 10% of the time if I hit preview it will work anyway (despite all of this)

I have reinstalled GS and Viewer on both devices.
Restarted all devices (including router)
I'm running all the latest updates (Mac, iPad , iPhone)

...still only works about 10% of the time.

I've been using gamesalad for years now and this is really the only time i've had an issue with the viewer that was this bad. Please help me as i'm working on an accelerometer based game and its actually impossible to test and i'm running out hair as this has caused me to pull so much of it out.


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  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,913Member
    Yes we all deal with this. I usually quit the app viewer and restart it and it works. Sometimes I have to restart creator. This is just one of hassles of working with beat software.
  • RoksaltRoksalt Posts: 87Member
    Thanks for the reply FBS. Oh well although that doesn't solve my problem the fact that i'm not alone brings some sort of solace people who make accelerometer based games just put up with this? crazy!!!

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  • JSprojectJSproject Posts: 730Member
    @Roksalt, sounds like you may have an issue with your router. I don't experience what you describe, for me it works without any issues.
  • RoksaltRoksalt Posts: 87Member
    yeah I thought that too... but I have reset my router a couple times... I also have no firewall and have actually tried using a ad-hoc network from my mac/ iphone but still same issues

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  • RoksaltRoksalt Posts: 87Member
    Hi @fsoufi,

    Thanks for the tips. I have actually done all of the above and had no luck...however I have a technique down that works most times now.

    After each build I have to "clear" the gamesalad viewer and force close the app. Then I save my project and duplicate it in Finder (I give it a version number...for example I'm up to v51 ;-)

    Then I reopen new project and hit build straight away. This works 8 / 10 times. (The other 2 times I turn off iphone and restart Mac and router and it generally works)

    If I don't do this the viewer either is just blank white or I get a network "could not resolve address" error.

    Btw I am running an Ethernet cable to my MacBook Pro 2.6 with 8 gig ram and 240gb HD and it happens with all projects that I try.

    Hope that helps someone

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  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,913Member
    You need to be on wifi both Mac and devices for viewer
  • CORE GameCORE Game Posts: 280Member, PRO
    to explain number 5
    5-Try to have a straight connection to the mac without a router, which means create a network from the mac and give it a password so no one else access it, it is very simple:

    -Right click the wifi icon and create network.
    -Note: 40 bit WEP Network means that you should use a password of 5-characters..

    ofcourse clearing and force closing gamesalad viewer is good, I always do that.

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