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Pro Upgrade Didn't Change from Standard...

ronnyg12ronnyg12 Posts: 5Member
Hello, I just joined GS today and tried figuring out some intro pointers via the tutorials. I liked what I saw and paid for the pro upgrade and yet, when I open the Gamesalad Creator Software, it doesn't look like the startup screen in the tutorials. Also, after I upgraded, I don't see any changes to my features. In the software creator of the dropdown menu when I click on my user name in the top right hand corner, the first option says "Upgrade to Pro."

My thoughts is that the upgrade hasn't completed yet or automatically changed my software yet? I'm not sure... Like I said earlier, this is my first day of using this.

I am having trouble finding the screen that gives the options for all the different types of game modes/maps. Please help as I am very excited to start using this software!



  • WbokoWboko Tennessee, USAPosts: 621Member, PRO
    On the Welcome screen in the bottom right hand corner of the GS Edited make sure you are "Login". You will know this to be true because your name will show on the bottom left corner.

    And the biggest difference I noticed was I now have the "PRO" behaviors in the Library section of the GS Editor.

    If that does not fix it just try to delete it, go to GS site and login and download it again...

    Good luck!

  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    It can sometimes take several hours to go through, depending on your pay method, and approval of that payment. Keep checking by logging out, and logging back in, and look for the "Pro" tab in the behavior section.

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  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,380Member, Sous Chef
    Also, don't compare to the tutorials, some of the start screens have changed since those were recorded.
  • ronnyg12ronnyg12 Posts: 5Member
    Thanks for all the help guys! I found the Pro folder in the behaviors section so now I know I've been upgraded! Thanks for quick replies! I'm very excited for this software and yet I'm sure I'll be back on here asking more "help needed" questions soon.
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