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Got a question that has to do with Appstore and GooglePlay sales.

ArbenshArbensh Posts: 0Member
I am not understanding the taxes.

If I am a developer from Canada and my game.. lets say sold 10000 copies of 0.99$ each, AppStore / GooglePlay takes 30%
so now its down to 7000$, and when AppStore or GooglePlay sends me the payment ''7000$'', do I still have to pay taxes
in Canada for receiving 7000$, and if so, how much?

So that's my question, do I have to pay taxes to the state after receiving the -30% payment, or GooglePlay / AppStore include taxes on the 30% taken?


  • DeadlySeriousMediaDeadlySeriousMedia ArizonaPosts: 838Member
    The net amount you receive is subject to taxation depending on the tax laws where you reside. Apple and Google are taxed also on the 30% they take from you.
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