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Success with in app purchases?

hey i was wondering if anyone has had major success with in app purchases? i have not made a dime with mine yet, I was wondering if anyone has any tips on making people buy it. My app is Called "The Waiter" , it's free to download, so if someone could just help me generate some more purchases i would really appreciate thanks.


  • WingmanappsWingmanapps Posts: 458Member
    What kind of downloads are you getting?

    Played it for a few minuts. Your offering is simply not good enough. The game it self has some potential but the inapp to purchase a mini bonus stage does not have enough value

    Do it the other way around. Try to hook people with 5 levels - then let them buy 35 levels for 0,99$ rather then just offer a bonus level.

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  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Posts: 1,274Member
    I haven't had much luck with in app purchases, so I am still trying different methods to see what works.
  • reginald.bernardinreginald.bernardin Posts: 346Member

    hey thanks for the support. So my offering isn't strong enough huh. how about offering virtual coins or to that nature?
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