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The GameSalad Game of the Month: June is...

SaladStraightShooterSaladStraightShooter Austin, TxPosts: 3,081Member, Chef Emeritus
edited July 2013 in Announce Your Game!
... Oggy's World! by @ImpactBlueStudios!


A word from our judges on why Oggy's World took home the prize this month...

"Oggy's World ticks all the right boxes: fun physics puzzles, cute characters, solid controls and fantastic graphics and animation. You have two tools at your disposal, draw a 'track' for Oggy to roll around on, and grow mushrooms which he'll use as a springboard. Sounds simple enough, but with some great level design, this proves to be a very fun experience. What really stands out is the way the game feels when you play, the controls are very fluid and never frustrate the user (Game Design 101). The use of the 'Scout' character shows the attention to detail that went into making this fantastic title, allowing you to fly around the level to get a look ahead. It's said it's the little things that count, and none of the little things were left out in this worthy GOTM winner, Oggy's World by "

So please welcome GameSalad in congratulating ImpactBlueStudios for their win this month as the Game of the Month for June!

Download and play Oggy's World now!

Available on the App store and Android:

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