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Platforming Animations Left, Right and Jump Separate


I am a videogame design teacher who has a question about programming animations in a spiderman platforming style game.

my student is attempting to have spiderman shoot when the C key is pressed with a corresponding animation, even when spiderman is moving left or right. However, the programming is jumbled when those two events occur so when he moves or does not hold don the C key, the animation stops and reverts back to walking animations.

Essentially, I need the shooting animation to finish regardless of whether he keeps moving or lets go of the C key or both.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, if you need clarification on what the heck Im talking about feel free to ask.


  • ashtmjashtmj Posts: 405Member, PRO
    Inside your actor you need to add a boolean attribute called "shooting" when C is pressed change shooting to true. then put your run animations inside a rule, the condition of this rule should be if "shooting" is false, then in the other wise of that rule put in the shooting animation with loop uncheck, finally add a second rule in the other wise of section, the condition of that rule should be if self.image is (then write in the file name of the final frame/image in the shooting animation) change shooting to false

    hope that helps :)
  • Ohh right on, thanks man!
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