Crashing when trying to change actor positions

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What the title says. It's not consistent, but I will go into an actor and try to change it's x (or y) position from let's say 60 to 80. After I type 80 and hit enter then Gamesalad will put the value back to 60, and it will just keep on doing it until GS crashes or I leave the actor and come back. So then, if it hasn't crashed by now, I have to leave the actor and when I come back it will either work correctly or crash when I try to change the value again.


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    I know that problem @NtG.

    You just have to select an other scene and hop back to the scene where your actor is you want to change.

    Then doubleclick the actor and you can change it.

    For me it doesn't crash often, but I know your problem of typing 80, and it just sets back to default after. That's why you have to re-enter your actor and change it again, then it works 99% of the times for me.

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    @NtG Annoying prob. for sure... must be a glitch/bug, surely... a couple of ways to avoid the problem (though this is on a Mac, but should be the same as the PC GSC version):

    • Don't use Enter, use Return instead.
    • Or even simpler, click into another field for entry, or another attribute name after you've finished, and the numbers you previously entered will register just as you want.

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