Return to scene without resetting it.

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Hi Everyone,
I need some help. I am designing a kids game were the reward for passing a level is removing an obstacle from a different scene(b). My challenge is that whenever I go back to that scene(b) it is reset to it original starting point. How can I return to the scene without having it start at the beginning?


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    Use a pause and select that scene then in the scene that plays after it's done unpause.
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    Hi @naydi001

    Also, for an indication whether or not your obstacles are removed, make boolean attributes. And importantly, make them game attributes, so they will be "remembered" when going back to a previous scene.

    Then roughly: in all your obstacles, put - (here's an example for one)-

    rule: When game.Obstacle01 is false
    Change self.Color.Alpha to 1
    Change self.Color.Alpha to 0

    and only be able to interact with the obstacle if its Alpha is 1.

    There's a couple more ways to do this as well, but the above is as good as any, depending on how the obstacles are removed, or moved in the scene.

    You might want to learn from the Cookbook about using Load and Save Behaviours too, so these changes are "remembered" after the game is closed then opened again.

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