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I need a competition!!

LOCGLOCG Posts: 20Member
Hi GSDs ;)

I'm a new developer in GS!

To be honest with you all, I love competitions And someone challenge me! It's inspire me :)

I'm going to develop a new game, it will be:
- 10 levels you can play any of them!
That's mean there is no close level.
- no points in the game
- no more animation only simple graphic design.
- finally it will be by 1$ in app store ;)

By this standards use your imagination and try to tell me what do you think:

- The Gamers will love this kind of standards?
- How many downloads? In 1st month!

After all that I'm waiting for you, I will start develop it and we will compare all answers by real results ;)


  • VolontaArtsVolontaArts Posts: 510Member
    im not really understanding whats your motive here, but welcome and gl...

  • LOCGLOCG Posts: 20Member
    Only try to read the standards of my game and answer :)

    - The Gamers will love this kind of standards?
    I don't think thay will love something like that even if it's free!

    - How many downloads? In 1st month!
    100 :D

    And I will tell you what will happen withe me and will see the results!
    that's it :)
  • VolontaArtsVolontaArts Posts: 510Member
    oh i see...

    well, you did not give enough information on your game for me to determine....

    and i say 5 downloads ;)
  • LOCGLOCG Posts: 20Member
    B-) Will see
  • NovicaStudioNovicaStudio Posts: 174Member
    Welcome :)
    Make sure that your game is worth a dollar. Believe me, with so many games on the ever-expanding app store, your game has to be amazing to get more than 5 sales, @VolontaArts. It sounds like you are making only 10 levels. I'd suggest making 30 or 40 levels instead of just 10. Once you have all the preliminary actors and their code plugged in, its just drag and drop from there. It will serve you well in the long run. You will get your 100 sales in the first month.
  • DepressedPandaDepressedPanda Posts: 215Member
    Basically he wants us to give him his next idea. That's cool, I give you my sweet ideas and you keep the money. Pass. Welcome to GameSalad!
  • TheGabfatherTheGabfather Posts: 633Member
    LOCG said:

    - no points in the game

    If there's no point in playing, why play at all?

    Kidding. Welcome aboard! I'm still confused as to what your idea is, by the way -- I hope it works out one way or another.

    0011 0010 0011 0010 0010 0000 0110 1101 0010 0000 0111 0011 0110 1001 0110 1110 0110 0111 0110 1100 0110 0101

  • GamepencilerGamepenciler Artist/Game Developer Posts: 326Member, PRO
    Welcome :)

    Artist/Game Developer / Animator at your service..

  • LOCGLOCG Posts: 20Member
    @NovicaStudio thank you so much, you are right :-?

    Really : "Make sure that your game is worth a dollar".

    So I'll make it 30 or 40 levels :-w

    Thanks! You inspired me :)
  • LOCGLOCG Posts: 20Member
    @DepressedPanda come on =))

    No! I'm not ..
    I didn't say that :-S

    Thanks pro :)
  • LOCGLOCG Posts: 20Member
    @TheGabfather ooh :P

    Think about an idea no need for points :)

    Think out of the box my friend ;)
  • LOCGLOCG Posts: 20Member
    @ecanhoj thank you :D
  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member
    Um....sir...cough need to give your players something to look forward too....unlocks...score....leveling up....I agree you need more levels...10 unlocked sure....but to addict someone they need frustration...good gameplay...something that moves in the game of course....and a need to get a reward..
  • RPRP Posts: 1,990Member
    I'm not sure why when people start talking about game design they immediately go for points and levels (as if more levels make a game "better"). A game needs neither one if designed properly. Your foundation would be best built on inspiration/imagination not the old-world fundamentals, you can come back to that later.
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