Upset with slow support and Mobclix doubt.

thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51
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I am a pro member just from few days ago.
As the web says, you should answer pro members doubts just in one business day. I wrote more than one time since September 6 and nobody answer me never...

Anyway... I have seen that on Windows version there is no behaviour of "Show banner" (following your mobclix tutorial). And I read that this is not able for 10.0 creator version (this is the newest version of Windows). Does it mean is not posible to use Mobclix on Windows version?! I bought the PRO versión specially to be able to insert adds...

Please, explain me step by step how to insert mobclix adds on my games using WINDOWS creator.
Thank you.


  • megapowerskillsmegapowerskills Member Posts: 32
    You can't. I'm also a windows user and I had the same problem. My solution was to use the mac creator on a virtual machine (I tried using macincloud but it was too slow).

    I heard that the windows version will be updated soonish though.
  • thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51
    Thanks for your Help mega.

    I hope they update the Windows versión really soon because Windows Pro members we paid the same for a year license.

    And I think is confusing, because they say on the web that one of the advantages of "Pro members" is monetize free apps by adds. They should say "NOT AVALIBLE FOR WINDOWS CREATOR". If I would know, I wouldn´t have bought the engine yet!

    I really like GameSalad engine, but I feel really disapointed for now with the bad support and this sham with Windows users.
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