Anyone Good at VMware??

yasoofxyasoofx Member Posts: 333
So all my gamesalad creator games are in my VMware. Im using windows and I got a mac from VMware, So before 3 days i opened my VMware and i got this message , if anyone knows how to fix it please give me an anwser, need to update my games :D.

The problem:



  • yasoofxyasoofx Member Posts: 333
    So Isnt Anyone here a Tech Expert?
  • nir3112nir3112 Member, PRO Posts: 214
    I think he can't find the file system because it was on a flash drive or something like that... I recommend to see the path of the file system in VMware and go there to see if it's there if not download it again if yes try to go inside VMware and in "home" choose "open virtual machine" and add the file again
    I hope it's work..
    Have a good day!
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