Text table Text together in windows

I have an actor.

that actor has a display option, and i want to display both the text and the table content together.

I tried some " then then some "

I want to generate an output that looks like this:

You draw A/AN ORANGE on the lottery

In one line code

Can Someone show me how to display my text, condition and table content together on one actor?


  • zypp1zypp1 Member Posts: 142
    "you draw"..(table cell).."on the lottery" should do it


    (table cell).."enter txt here"..(table cell) = to display 2 attributes or cells

    it has to be within the expression editor window tho

    also to create a space between words in expression editor it is (alt)+spacebar
    same as new line is (alt)+enter
  • SampleTestSampleTest Member Posts: 26
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