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Weird: Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles in iOS Developer portal disappear?

okaongokaong Posts: 10Member, PRO

Does any encounter this before?

I want to generate Certificate, identifier and profile. This is the very first step when we want to test our game.

1. Login to Apple Developer portal.
2. Go to right-hand side and click the "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles".
3. And, here is the problem:
Expected result is that, you can see option to generate Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.
Unfortunately, what i get is blank! See attached file.

I've tried using Macbook's Safari and Chrome browser. No luck. Same error.
I've tried using Windows Pc's IE and Chrome browser. No luck. Same error.
I've cleared all my cache. No luck. Same error.

This has been like this since July this year. I thought it's because of the event where Apple Developer Center got hacked like in July/August. So, I give them time to fix it. Now, waited until today, i still have the error.
I'm not sure other people have this error?

Appreciate any advices. Thanks.


  • JPGamesFactoryJPGamesFactory Posts: 174Member, PRO
    I just tried to access certificates from iphone to dev center. no problem. in your screenshot, there are no blue folder icon you can click! Why?
    is not a problem of the dev center

    after restoring the server apple, in August, I had to regenerate the certificates which had disappeared, and recreate a provisioning profile of my game, which had disappeared from the dev center.
  • okaongokaong Posts: 10Member, PRO
    Yup, no blue folder icon for me to click. And thus, can't even regenerate the certificates, provisioning, etc...
    the screen capture is what i experiencing now, regardless of using which laptop, PC, browser, etc...

    This problem occurs since July till now.

    Lodged ticket report to Apple Support team two times. They will just close my ticket, and reply me by saying that somebody are also experiencing the same issue, so I should refer to his/her ticket ID, and wait for them to resolve his/her ticket.....

    feel so helpless now. I'm thinking whether i should pay another USD99 to create another iOS developer account, and start everything fresh.
  • JPGamesFactoryJPGamesFactory Posts: 174Member, PRO
    incredible! I think if you were a big company like GameLoft your account would already be working for a long time.
    I'm sorry, but there's not much you can do to solve the problem
  • okaongokaong Posts: 10Member, PRO
    with this link: , this is what i experienced:

    using Macbook's Safari: See attached screen capture.
  • okaongokaong Posts: 10Member, PRO
    ok, so I thought it's maybe the alignment problem in my Macbook.

    so, i try using another laptop (Windows based), and try again using IE:
  • okaongokaong Posts: 10Member, PRO
    and, using the same laptop (Windows based), i tried with Chrome:
  • okaongokaong Posts: 10Member, PRO
    i can clicked on the "All" and "pending" option. But, nothing helpful.
    Basically, it's just the box moving from right to left, and from left to right.

    See attached screen capture.
  • okaongokaong Posts: 10Member, PRO
    So, all my friends here have no problem with your Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles page?

    if yes, then, most likely it's my account got corrupted. And since this Apple doesn't bother to resolve it for me, most likely i got to pay $99 to create a new account. :(

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