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Help me! Will pay for video tutorial to learn this:

I need help. I have studied about every video tutorial I can find, the GS cookbook and whatever else I can read and I just cannot find the answers to what I want to do. I have watched about 4 games built from beginning to end but again, none are point and click games. I could build one of those other ones with a little practice. I downloaded GS with a particular type of point and click game in mind that my kids and I want to design. Of all the tutorials available, I cannot find any that teach how to do what I am about to explain.

First, I am a fan of Firemaplegames and his games are actually the model of what I am wanting to do. I thought I would buy a template, study it and figure out what I was doing. I first bought this one: and you can see that there is a demo video of it on that page.

I also got this one which does not use tables I have no idea if it makes sense to use tables or not or if that makes it easier or not.

Getting back to the first one, I have seriously studied the rules and attributes but no matter how much I study it, I still do not understand a lot of what I am looking at. It has done me no good to try to alter this template to make my game because no matter what I try, something is going wrong.
While I do understand a lot of it, I do not understand much of the attributes and why the game behaves the way it does. Everything affects everything and it seems that if I am clueless on one thing, I cannot continue because I cannot make it work. Believe me, I have spent hour upon hour trying to make sense of it. I have come to the conclusion that templates are only worth it if you already have an excellent understanding of GS and just want to save time building it. I do understand GS for the most part but not for this type of game and actions. Templates are not a learning tool and that is what I thought I could get out of a template.

I am wanting to hire someone who can show me in a video walkthrough with screen capture software how to do the following:

1. Touch, for example, a key in a scene.
2. The key disappears and an inventory tool box pops up and the key (maybe a smaller version) appears in the inventory
3. Touch another item that also goes into the pop-up inventory box
4. Oh, almost forgot: Text appears to show what was picked up
5. In another scene, you open the toolbox, click the key, then a door and the key disappears and the door opens.
6. The other inventory item moves to the spot where the key was (very important).
7. What if there are more inventory items than there is space along the bottom where the inventory is kept? How does that extend beyond the screen?
8. Would be nice to see how to put in the text message for the door when it is touched and you have not touched the key first as in "you need a key to open this door."

I just need someone to carefully explain how each rule and behavior is done while they are dragging and dropping in a video and I will pay you for your time. Give me a fair price. You can email me the video privately if you want to or make it public somewhere online. Does not matter to me. I can even email you some images to work with to make it easy. If this works out, I may hire you to do some more if I get stuck somewhere else. Please show me some games you have created. Thanks.



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