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Need Sequence Spawner for endless runner

I've been trying to figure out this problem so I figured I'd come here and see if anyone could code it for me.

What I need:
1) I'm making an endless runner that has about 40 sequences. A sequence is multiple actors i.e Floating platforms, lakes, other platforms etc..., but the sequences aren't random, they are the same every time but they will be spawned in random orders. I want to map out the actors x and y and have them off screen on the right, then move in screen to the left.

2)I just need the spawner that will enable this. I want to create about 20 actors that I will use as pieces to create the platforming sequences.

I found some demos out there like GS Helpers "all levels in one scene" but I'd rather have the actors spawned into a certain location using tables then changing locations.

Also, I need a smooth transition from one sequence to the next random sequence.

If anyone can help let me know

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