***Simple Question*** Do I have to be a PRO member to test my game on my Device ?

Dear all,
Do I have to be a PRO member to test my game and graphics on my iPad and iPhone through the GS Viewer ?
I know I have to get the APP DEV license, but for testing I have to be a PRO ?
Please Advice.


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  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577
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    Hello @Biby and welcome to the Forums. :-)

    You need an Apple Developer License ($100 per year) to be able to test your games on your iDevices; but you don't need to have a Pro GameSalad license to d that, in other words, you can test on the device with a dev license and the free GameSalad Creator version.

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  • CodeMonsterCodeMonster ACT, AustraliaPosts: 1,078
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    No you can test on your android device with limitations if you don't have pro. But you can't publish/ test an android game to the fullest without gamesalad pro.
  • tarsiustudiotarsiustudio Posts: 130
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    I am testing my android games with GSViewer and am not a member pro. To make Ad hoc tests if you needed to have the pro license. If you want to try your games with GSViewer advise you to read the tutorial in the cookbook http://cookbook.gamesalad.com/tutorials/4/parts/11


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