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Happy Holidays Gift -- Free Jointed Body / Poser

RThurmanRThurman Posts: 2,819Member, Sous Chef, PRO
Hope everyone enjoys the season!

I'm not sure how to describe this little gift -- except its free.

It shows how to link body parts together. You can have chains of links that influence each lower link. For example, the pelvis influences the upper leg, which influences the lower leg, which influences the foot.

Use the sliders to the left of the figure to move individual body parts. You can move the whole body by dragging the chest actor around. (Everything is ultimately linked to the chest actor.)

This could be easily modified to make all sorts of mechanical devices, like robots, or backhoes, or steam shovels.

This is an example of forward kinematics ( But perhaps someone out there would like to expand it so that its uses inverse kinematics, and make a ragdoll model ( At any rate, I hope its useful for showing the how to link actors together in a hierarchical fashion. (Notice I never used the word "joint" once....)

Happy Holidays!


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