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Different versions for tablets and phones

Hi there. I browsed quickly trough the forums, so sorry if this has been asked before.
I've been working on a game now for a while. It's my first game, a kids game (alphabet and objects mostly) and I started the project using Ipad, resolution independence. I used a template from the marketplace that lets the version adapt to just about any resolution, 16:9, 16:10 or 4:3 by revealing more of the sides and moving selected objects in respect. This works perfectly for me.

Now, the problem is that I made the game with tablets in mind so there are a few objects that are a bit too detailed for smaller screens, like a playable piano and buttons. My plan was to make two versions, an Ipad/andoid tablet version and Iphone/andoid version with 50% smaller graphics and bigger buttons, less detailed objects and more.

My question is: I've never submitted a game so is it that simple? Can I make two versions and simply "click" an option when submitting to Apple/Google that -this is phone version and -this is a tablet version?


  • slowcutslowcut Posts: 164Member, PRO
    I have no experience with Android, but in the Apple World you can design separate Apps for iPads and for iPhones.
    You have to choose different names for each one (for example Good-game and Good-gameHD)
    When you publish in GS you can choose if iPad or iPhone or Universal and when you submit your finished app to Apple they detect which platform it is designed for. (Make sure to put only screenshots for your target device in itunes connect)
  • vafurlogivafurlogi Posts: 203Member, PRO
    Ah, so as long a I make two versions (Iphone/Ipad) and choose the right platform during the publishing it should be fine for Apple? Thanks for that!

    Anyone know how to accomplish this with Android. I know Google allow for more than one .apk for the same game to do this, but not how (or if) this can be done with Gamesalad.
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