Stormys GS Table-izer - Free template/tool to preview and scroll through Tables for easier testing.

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I'm pleased to announce the release of a new 100% free template for those using Tables with GameSalad.


The template allows you to view your tables whilst previewing for quick play testing and debugging.

The tables can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically, cells can be highlighted to help keep an eye on certain cells and data.

The below video shows 'Stormys GS Table-izer' in action as well as how simple it is to add your own tables to it.

(Up the quality to see the finer details)

Hopefully it will help those making complex games which make use of tables plus those who are currently tinkering with the new multiplayer behaviours available to Pro users with the nightly builds.

Why is it free? ... Because I'm really really nice... or because I want to make a multiplayer game and if it helps others figure that stuff out then great!! .... you decide.

Too add it to your games, either do a bit of copying and pasting, build your game around it, or use a tool like Deep Blue Apps GS Merger...

Good luck, download and enjoy...


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